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• A full resource guide for vacationers to British Columbia
• Allows for relaxation while planning vacations with the family
• Plan while at home, in the office or on the road
• An easy to use stand-alone program
• Complete, unbiased, inexpensive, well researched Information
• Educational and ideal for the young & the young at heart
• Allows the viewer to work on other programs while viewing it
• Information never outdated and at your fingertips

A first of its' kind & the answer to the information gap Key Benefits to a CD-ROM for vacation planning? This personal Vacation Planner is a full resource of vacationing options in British Columbia. Our planner has a brief and a detail description of the area of travel, all at your fingertips... Our program is a stand-alone program. It allows the computer user to work on other programs while viewing it.

 (1) Your full Vacation Source Guide in one. Easy to follow menus, inexpensive to buy, well researched and never becomes outdated.

 (2) Explore and plan a full vacation itinerary in your own time in a relaxed frame of mind. Plan while at home with family, at the office or on the road.

 (3) Explore the Vacation Planning program and British Columbia while running other computer programs on your desktop computer.

 (4) The need for waiting for information from Vacation Planner Web companies will not be a necessity from this time on...

 (5) The briefcase of brochures and library of books and magazines will be much smaller---We do acknowledge that there are many great books on British Columbia, however finding and buying such may be difficult and expensive.

 (6) Your need to know more on the province will be there, yes! But you will need to be there physically to experience the true BC beyond our guide...

 Fact-1: No other guide available today provides information on British Columbia as we do. We will answer all your questions for Destinations in BC for you to personally discover.

 Fact-2: Our Guide provides a FULL resource for British Columbia. We cover BC and will be expanding.

 Fact-3: The information provided on our web site (Experience BC - Our Overview Menu) is but a sample of the coverage in our CD-ROM. We provide the BC Overview as an invitation to the province.

Is your Vacation Planner Guide for British Columbia "Vacation Destinations British Columbia" by WestCoast Treasures cdrom™, If not, it is not complete!...

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